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EUROTEK TK joint tape

2-component polysulphide joint tape

System description

EUROTEK TK joint tape is a weatherproof, industrially produced joint tape. The tape shape complies with DIN 18540. Adhesion is provided by EUROLASTIC TK 51 1-component polysulphide adhesive up to a tape width of 140 mm. EUROLASTIC TC 30 S 2-component polysulphide adhesive is used for tapes over 160 mm wide.

Using different tape widths (25 – 250 mm), the joint tapes are especially suitable for renovation of under or over-sized joints with above average overall movement. The expensive removal of old, defective joint material may not be necessary, because the joint tape can easily be placed over the existing joint.

Areas of application

Suitable for creation or renovation of horizontal (floor) and vertical (wall) joints in building construction with above average overall movement and for joint renovation, e.g. for exterior wall joints between concrete and reinforced concrete precast components and for split joints in bridge building.

System features

  • Long-term durability exceeding 30 years

  • Highly flexible

  • Easily repaired

  • Pre-assembled

  • High UV and weathering resistance

  • Above average movement absorption

  • Tape widths from 25 – 250 mm

  • Recyclable

  • Easy application

  • Visually perfect joint appearance

  • Outstanding cold resilience to -60°C

  • Complies with DIN EN 18540